Mind the Gap Recife

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Harmonia 57 Triptyque Architecture

"This studio is built in the heart of an artists’ neighborhood in São Paulo. Located in a flood zone, its construction offered several challenges. The building is designed as a manufactured object, a living body in constant change; it breathes, sweats, ages and regenerates. The water is the main element of this project: rain and ground water are treated and reused through a complex system whose low tech elements such as the pipes, pumps, automatic irrigation, etc., are highlighted, forming a sort of protective shell around the building. The heart of the project is thus exposed on its façade. The building appears to have been designed inside out. By contrast, the interior is sleek and minimalist.”

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Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 


Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 

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staree: take me away by dellbby on Flickr.
Hoje sou poesia.
Sou verso, não tem mais volta.

Melhor assim.